Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 15/02/2018; the deck today is the *Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot* is largely created by C. C. Zain, along with his text, “The Sacred Tarot,” The CofL Pr., Los Angeles, 2005 (reprint. The Brotherhood of Light is actually HQ’d in Albuquerque, NM.) My oracular card for today is from *The Egyptian Lenormand* by Nefer Khepri, Ph.D.  I have a l-o-n-g history with the Brotherhood of Light. During the 1960/70s, they had the only “alternative occult” bookstore in town (Albuquerque.) My friends and I were often in there browsing through the amazing quantity of books and material they had, all under the somnolent gaze of a usually very stoned hippie/alternative counterperson, almost always a man. Over the years I gradually became a kind of in-joke, as there was never any evidence that ANY of its patrons were making personal progress AT ALL. Grin. A friend rechristened it the ‘Brotherhood of Death,’ and it became a dusty memory – until I learned the other day that it is STILL in business, still in the same small, little hippie house adjacent to the university. Double Grin. A small moment, frozen forever in time – LOL. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = XIX the Sun; B) Animus = Knight of Cups; C) Anima = 3 of Coins (not the 4 as pictured, but there was no image available of the 3;) finally, my oracular card today is #31 (the) Sun - so I have been double-SOLed today, I suppose . . . Grin. (“No, don’t encourage him.” J)  Actually, I AM rather bowled over by this double appearance; 
granted, the Sun has been turning up a LOT lately, but today it has outdone itself, and I am literally experiencing a frisson of excitement for what this may portend for my day. To find the Sun as BOTH my guiding arcanum & meditation point, AND as my oracular card for today, is rather overpowering in its sheer presentational power; “Brace yourself; we are meeting TODAY.” My Animus is indeed feeling his own transparency in this kind of Light, so he most naturally moves into where he (I) actually feels, like someone coming home. IF the Sun and I are meeting today, then I WILL be at home; I know this. I don’t think that necessarily means physical extinction, either, although it certainly might. (I certainly hope not.) This is more in the line of “revelation,” . . . I have a feeling, and perhaps a breakthrough from old patterns into an opportunity to either choose to create others or do without. I guess “on verra,” eh? LOL. “Traditionally, this card in this suit has pictured a homecoming -- portraying a return to his true heart's home after a long journey. Like the prodigal son, he may be returning after long estrangement from all he holds dear. His taste for adventure is exhausted -- there is no more romanticizing of battles or travel in strange lands. Now he wants to go where he will be recognized, wanted and welcome -- where he doesn't have to fight at every turn. He has the attitude of one who has become older and wiser, the prodigal son. This is the moment to apply yourself fully. The Knight of Cups . . . advises that you jump into your new situation with both feet. Get involved with what is happening in the present. Think no more about the route you had to travel to get back here. There is no need to be cavalier about what seems familiar. Look deeply at the underlying values here. You may find that they represent something you mistakenly rejected in the past. Be humble enough to look at things through new eyes. At a deep level, your heart and soul are being nourished. Don't be tempted to run away again -- this is where you belong. Your entire journey was designed to bring you home with new appreciation."  (
As for the 3 of Coins (NOT the 4 pictured, remember. No image available on the Web,) it is described in C. C. Zain’s original lessons as “The divinatory significance of the Trey of Coins is a marriage for money; its inner interpretation is EXPIATION.” (See above.) Uhmm, well, yeah, okay, if you say so – I can stretch to include small case ‘e’ expiation, MAYBE, but honestly, this isn’t the 18th/19th-century salon of Mme. Lenormand. And even “expiation” is a rough coin to swallow given the more “elementals-based” explanation given to the suits in the modern age. Not to mention the heavy, hoary shadow I feel lurking over this interpretation, the shadow of Fault that is always assigned by a slave religion such as christianity, even if it be lurking behind an Egyptophile-Neoclassicism. So, I’m going to prefer my interpretation of the 3 of Coins, which is that generally the tension of the two has given birth to the three, and thus a “new thing” is being created in the Material, in Malkuth, in order to resolve tension. In THIS way I can harmonize the card with the rest of the reading, not using outdated and in fact useless information. This is a reminder to ALWAYS have YOUR OWN EXPLANATIONS for each and every card; the way YOU see it is MUCH more important than the way any book, pamphlet or manual will tell you to see it. I think I will conclude with a bit of C. C. Zain on the Sacred Tarot – no card explanations, don’t worry. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today the freedom to choose the Light by which we steer our Path. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!  “Iamblichus, a Neoplatonist of the fourth century and an initiate of The Brotherhood of Light, has left us an important document entitled, An Egyptian Initiation. It contains an account of the trials of initiation, and of certain information given to the neophyte while passing these tests, in the Mysteries of Ancient 
Egypt. The different steps in this initiation as thus described, and what each step signifies, are set forth in full detail in Chapter 9 of Course 2, Astrological Signatures. At one point in his journey the candidate is stopped before 22 frescoed paintings which picture the 22 Major Arcana of the tarot, and it becomes his duty to commit to memory these pictures, as well as their symbolism, which is then explained to him. As these pictures, together with such of their symbolism as is then explained to the neophyte, are fully described by Iamblichus, his work affords an accurate description of the Egyptian Tarot. An Egyptian Initiation was translated from the original MS. into French by P. Christian, and those who have written much of value concerning the tarot have drawn heavily upon his translation. In 1901 it was translated into English, for private circulation, by my friend Genevieve Stebbins. And I am indebted to her for permission to use her translation of the description of the Egyptian Tarot. In these lessons I have faithfully followed the description of the plates, the meaning of the symbols found upon the Major Arcana, and the interpretation of the Arcana in each of the three worlds, just as given in the translation of Genevieve Stebbins; and also the admonition after each Arcanum which runs, "Remember, then, son of earth,” etc. As to this admonition, although it probably will be used seldom by tarot students, I have thought it better not merely to include it, but to preserve it without change. It is a part of the old initiation ceremony, and may serve a more important function in the future than can now be discerned." ("The Sacred Tarot" by C. C. Zain.) (Needless to say, the “theory” of the Egyptian origin of the Sacred Tarot is no longer held as valid. – mm)      

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