Sunday, February 25, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25/02/2018; the deck today is *The Wild Unknown Tarot* by Kim Krans and for my oracular card today, I’m using Kim’s other deck, *The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit*.  Human imagery is out here; animal imagery is in, which is fine by me. I may be slithering my way to a new format for the blog page, which may be no format at all. I have decided that I shall use three cards, plus (maybe) an oracular card and we’ll 
just “play it as it lays.” No more sticking to format, at least for a while; I’m rather bored with artificial limitations. That being said, here’s the draw today: A) XI Strength; B) 3 of Cups; C) Ace of Wands, and the OC for today is from the element Water, and it is the Turtle, “ancient wisdom &/or ancient soul.” As far as the rest of the draw, hmmm . . . . I’m not a big fan of Strength at XI, I believe it displaces the entire run of the MA from VIII to XI, four cards, but the Major Arcana can admit of either NO mistakes, or ALL of them, it’s up to you to choose. I choose the more modern interpretation that Strength should precede Justice because Justice carries “the verdict,” the judgement upon which the next series of steps (XII & XIII) depends. In other words, Justice makes FAR more sense when followed by the Hanged Man and Strength is a natural progression from VII the Chariot. “That makes SO much more sense now, 
doesn’t it, Dorothy?”  “Yes, Auntie Em, it does! Do you see, Toto, how it makes sense?” “Woof!” Grin. Alright, with that settled now, what do I actually think of this as my Guiding Arcanum for today? Well . . . okay. I’m not sure that I see the immediate need for this, but then again, I long ago admitted that I know next to nothing about “it,” . . . plus, there IS the factor that I would never knowingly mock an insight given to me by the Sacred Tarot; highly doubted, perhaps, but never mocked. So, when a Lion with a rose in its mouth and an Infinity sigil glowing red on its brow walks up to you, shut your trap, smile sweetly, kneel and accept the rose. Now, stand up, thank the royal animal, and wait to see if it wishes to say anything to you. Or at least, that’s the way I imagine it, at the moment. (I always carry another lion image in my head; there used to be a bar in San Francisco called “The Lion”, and its logo was a very muscular leather-type guy lying 
on his stomach being topped by a very large lion. There was no actual nudity or X-rated anything shown, but it WAS all there, of course. LOL. Sometimes one feels like a vampire; history has accelerated at such a pace that “that” seems like geological epochs ago.)  In what used to be the “Animus” slot I have drawn the 3 of Cups today, signifying friendship, support, or more intimately, the happy result of the solution of the tension in the binary in the previous card. Okay, that’s groovy, I LIKE my friends, and I like making friends, and a happy collusion with another loved one to produce a happy result is always welcome. This illustration always reminds me of three old ladies, early morning risers, getting together for their “morning pick-me-up sherries” and a good gossip – LOL. Finally, in the previous “Anima” slot, today I have drawn the Ace of Wands, a truly wonderful “end note for today’s perfume.” Symbol of Creativity, Ingenuity, Inspiration and New Beginnings, well . . . who wouldn’t want to gather THAT lucky wand up off the Path and use it as your walking stick? Hmm? You? Hmm?? LOL . . . . Not to mention that I can actually USE it; I’m doing much better with my limited lungpower at the moment, but that never means that a walking stick isn’t an Odinsend during the rough patches, eh? Grin. And I use Odin deliberately; as the great western Pilgrim god, wandering the cosmos and introducing order to the Nine Realms, of COURSE he has a stick. If for no other reason than to beat the backs of vile and worthless slaves like . . . Oops! Sorry, got carried away for a moment. THAT’S not the emotion I meant to portray . . . Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL needed wisdom from an ancient soul today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!         

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