Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! To The Fool’s Tarot for today, 28/02/2018, the last day of this month and the official opening of Impeach-An-American-President month, March. (The impeachment should be traditionally followed by the papering of the naked President with fake news clips on the steps of the Capitol Building on the 27th of March, my birthday. Grin. Dream Come True – don’t need any other presents, Thank You! The tarring, feathering & incineration of the hairpiece follows on the 1st of April. – GRIN. I don’t mix the Sacred Tarot with politics; as I am constantly expounding to people, the Tarot is NOT a predictive or prognosticative device; therefore the above is simply a heartfelt wish, having nothing to do with the Tarot.) The deck today is the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka, a much-liked Egyptian-themed deck that I enjoy using ALMOST as much as the Egipcios Kier. It DOES have suits and Court cards, so it takes you back into the familiar land of suited Tarology. Today’s draw is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = VI the Two 
Paths; B) (XLIII) 3 of Cups; C) (XXX) 4 of Scepters (Here the illustration is of the 3; the 4 wasn’t available, and I’m over this shit, so I shall be ordering a new scanner/printer today. Damn, I was hoping to ‘skate’ a while longer – grin.) My oracular card today is from *The Original Lenormand* and is #16 The Star – I should add that as far as “oracular” cards go, I’m not a big fan of “Yeah! Yeah! It’ll tell you what time today you’re gonna fart and if you’ll leave skid marks in your undies!” Foretelling the future is bullshit, in its generally accepted terms. Do I need to say it again? “FORETELLING THE FUTURE IS BULLSHIT;” That is NOT what the Sacred Tarot does, and never has. So, be warned, if you ask me that kind of question, you are likely to receive a large Chinese puzzle-box placed with force directly into your mouth. Grin. Every time you open your trap to talk, the little needle-tipped wooden serpent inside jumps out and pricks your tongue. LOL. Jumping in a different direction; for now, I have decided that the vague phantom recollection of the last format is sufficient unto my needs and therefore I’m letting it hang, in misty tatters, in the background and I’m NOT insisting on logical pattern as I draw, except for the guide. SO those two minor arcana cards there today are whatever they are for/to/by/in me, and I’m simply going to let themselves work themselves out today while I observe and perhaps pitch in, if I feel it will be constructive. VI the Two Paths as my Guiding Arcanum today is one that I can appreciate. I’ve had a slight lessening in my fervor lately regarding Tarot 
and my spiritual life, mainly due to simple fatigue and the calm, dull, ordinariness of my life right now. Physically, I’m always tired; I supplement my dead thyroid as best I can, but there are limits to the amount of aid you can give your body past a certain age, when the general order has already gone out that the factory is being slowly phased out and the jobs moved to China. Grin. Levrothyrox & magnesium supplements do the best they can, but “they ain’t naturally mine, you grok?” And there is the rest of the slowly winding-down machine, as well. I honestly don’t know how long is left; 1 day to 30 years? Your guess is as good as mine, so the point (finally!) for me is to keep the spiritual fires stoked, to keep this riverboat afloat and steaming up the Nile until Ra calls me home (or to another jobsite – grin.) I REALLY don’t like the feeling “Ooof, I’ll skip the prayers today but draw the cards, sure, but it’s pro forma, Imhotep buddy.” I almost don’t want to draw the cards because I’m feeling so UN-reverent about it; no, I don’t mean that hypocritical reverence that reigns in church on Sundays, I mean the reverence you yourself feel in your heart when you take steps forward in the spiritual world and on your Path. Today I have been able to renew my “reverence” because I am able to see past the temporary blockage I was experiencing; it feels very good to have the river flowing through the forest again. I’ve made the Choice, again, and I’m 
HAPPY about it. I have just had the 3 of Cups in this position recently, and inasmuch as this “slot” still carries phantom vibes from its old service of “Animus”, I must admit that this happy resolution of the (good) tension in the 2 still escapes me a bit. It is often the smaller, minor arcana cards that involve time factors which have yet to play out; I shall have to wait, again, to see the relevance of this “birth” in my day today, but I wait without trepidation, as I know this bears no ill-news. And finally, haunting the ghostly outlines of the skirts of my now-gone Anima, I have the 4 of Scepters (remember, not the 3 pictured.) From the LWB (Josef Machynka) to the deck; “Sun in Aries [yes, me]. The completion of an enterprise. The desired success becomes actual fact. Good work or a great achievement, as well as the fruits of an achievement. What was accomplished up to now gets an even greater boost. An expansion, progress or a gain. Everything grows and becomes more abundant.” Good news! as long as it isn’t my waistline being discussed. Grin.  Finally, #16, the Star of Good Prospects, my oracular card, lends a golden shine to the entire draw and “der Schatzmeister des Spiels” has paid me 6 marks, as well!! (LOL – in the original, Lenormand was also called “The Game of Hope” and I have an early German edition.) All in all, what looked rather unremarkable is actually quite a good and promising draw, “As Long As You Read the Cards Correctly and Do Your Best to Progress!” (That’s me.) I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL that extra bit of insight today that is Renewal. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!  

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