Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Good Morning! I’m still fishing in the Ocean of Chaos for a new format, so « we » are again free-form interpretation today, although I have used the old « stencil » to lay out the cards. I do hope you are following along; I recently abandoned the format I have been using since last year, and am in search of a new one, useful & appropriate for daily morning readings. That slot isn’t as easy to fill as you might think; I want my morning reading to tell me a LOT, and be brief at the same time . . . grin. It HAS to stand up to daily wear; it can’t prove weak and feeble with daily use. Thus, the long, extended swim in the Ocean . . . .  Today I’m using *The Eternal Tarot* by Samael Aun Weor, AKA Víctor Manuel Gómez Rodríguez, a violent homophobe 
and 20th century “prophet.” I like his deck, and am sure his homophobia arose from self-hate; it is necessary only to know him a little to know that he was homosexual himself. Raised in the Spanish macho South American culture, he took the most prevalent stance in relation to sex; Iberian Catholicism. The Holy Inquisition arose from the same tradition as founded in Spain, so his quirky personal blinders are self-explanatory. (Poor fucker, having to deal with that rigid mindset when all he wanted was to find the Eternal.) Today’s draw is: A) Guiding Arcanum = XIV Temperance; B) Animus = #55 Contrition; C) Anima = #66 Perplexity (I have been forced to use an image of VI Indecision, as there was no image for #66. Perplexity isn’t Indecision, but you get the drift, I hope. I’m mentally staying with Perplexity, at any rate. Temperance I get; she’s an old friend, 
and always needed by me at almost any time. I have an addictive personality, so she’s ‘on call’ 24/7. Next, however, I have received a card I don’t grok at all, and that is #55 Contrition as my Animus. I’m not feeling contrite or sorry about anything right now, and I rarely do anyway. I try, for the most part, not to commit actions for which those feelings will be necessary at a later time. Grin. Besides, that IS NOT a picture of contrition; it is a picture of a captured foreign enemy (probably Semitic [Hittite? Phoenician?] – note the facial hair,) bound and brought before Pharaoh – any contrition there surely has to be of the “I’ve got to save my neck” variety. And YEAH!! My Anima is perplexed alright, and she speaks for “me entire,” to be honest. I love having XIV Temperance around at ANY time; she’s good company and tries hard to make sure I stay on my Path. Contrition? I haven’t been contrite since I can’t remember 
when; I have been sorry for some of my actions, yes, and for those I have apologized, but really contrite? Probably not since my last physical beating from a parent, I imagine. Mother abused my mind, Dad abused my flesh; Contrition became an hypocrisy learned early on. However, having already worked those fields to fallowness, let’s move on and simply check out what the end note to all of this is, my oracular card, VII Sacred Purpose, from *The Anubis Oracle* by Waldherr, Scully & Star Wolf. This particular composite card is rather vague, as well; “Sacred Purpose: Ptah, Nut, Geb and Anubis; Ptah speaks from his intelligent heart and reality is created. Anubis, the fully awakened Shaman Priest, enters the sacred garden through the portal created by the divine parents – the overarching sky goddess, Nut, and the rich, green, fertile Earth god, Geb. Thoth is also present as the rainbow serpent who offers the fruit of wisdom and eternal life from the ancient tree. ¶ As you focus on the images on this card, perceive your current life situations with the openhearted wisdom of the Shaman Priest, Anubis, so that what is being birthed or created through your thoughts, words, activities and everyday story have the greatest potential for completion and wholeness.” (Accompanying book, “The Anubis Oracle” by K. Waldherr, N Scully & L. Star Wolf; Bear & Co., Rochester, 2008.) In other words, bring a good attitude with you when you create your manifestation. I’m not thrilled with the Animus/Anima pairing today, but at least it isn’t actively malignant, for which I should thank Thoth. Grin. “Thank you, Thoth.” I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL less confusion today in our daily identifications. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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