Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hello and Welcome! I’m still jet-skiing around Lake Chaos divining for a new format; in the meantime, I’m just gassing and having a fun but still truthful time with the Tarot. I’m still using the old format, but I’m just flying with it and not being so grimly rigorous. (I find the idea of my being “grim” not in character at all, but perhaps someone thinks differently. If so, I can only hope they are ready for punishment . . . LOLOL.) Today, BTW, is the 21/02/2018; this blog is published in California, I believe, so they will say it’s yesterday’s page, but they LIE, like SO many in power. Grin. Okay, enough bullshit, on with it. The draw today is fun, exciting, even a bit kinky, but I’m not sure for what it is winding me up. It is also the *Thoth Tarot* from A. Crowley & F. Harris, a deck for which I have great respect but not much use: It is a wonderful, powerful, beautiful deck, of course, but the impetus behind it is lacking in two trans-galactic virtues; 
compassion & maturity. A. E. Crowley remained an overgrown adolescent all of his life, and it shows in his search for the Divine. This is, let me emphasize, my OWN opinion. It doesn’t mean he or his work is useless, it just needs to be considered from a viewpoint that DOES take into consideration those two qualities. (Save your stones & arrows, I don’t care. Grin.) Here’s the draw: A) Guiding Arcanum today = XI Le Desir/Lust (I’m using a French deck); B) Animus = As de Coupes; C) Anima = As de Disques; and my oracular card, drawn from C. Marchetti’s *Oracle of Visions* is #22 Reflections/Looking Back/Hindsight. First of all, the word “Desir” is much preferred; it is far more subtle and implies a wide range of powers, whereas the English “Lust” is so limited in its immediate connotation. Remember, in other decks, it is “Strength,” and I prefer it at position #8 as it seems more in the flow of things that way, with XI Justice coming after your roll of the dice and the next stage of expiation. True, that. So, running like “shit through a goose,” (one of my father’s favorite sayings – grin) the rap goes a bit like this: “Here’s my working definition for ‘Lust,’ taken verbatim from *Raven* at “. . . In other decks, this trump is called 'The Power', a symbol for the mastery of our own animal side. Crowley named the card 'Lust' - and most people don't really think of mastering their inner animal, but enjoy it full tilt... In a combination of both, the animal side shouldn't be 'mastered' in the meaning of 'suppressed', nor should it be let out to 'romp around'. It should not be ignored, but accepted as a natural part of oneself. In that manner, one will not only be able to profit from its instinctive natural power, but also to save the power needed to 'master' it. 
The Passion implies vitality, energy and power. The card tells us to use these riches. In most aspects of life, an endeavor will have much more success when passion is put into it.” The reason that he gives before the above for this card starting the second decade of the Tarot should ACTUALLY apply to it starting the second septenary of the Tarot (sequence of 7.) THAT is the more accurate division, 3 groups of 7 cards each, 1 – 21, with 0 the Fool hovering outside either end (the old quirky tradition of putting it as #21 and the World as #22 bears no relation to anything – at least as far as I can intuit it. My Animus/Anima carrying, each, the As/Ace/”Orphic” Egg of each other’s more ‘natural’ suits (if you are going to assign traditional sexual roles to the categories,) is HIGHLY encouraging to me; I cannot imagine a better omen of cooperation and “goodwill” between my gendered, subconscious selves. (We shan’t speak of my id; I keep him locked in the lowest cellar 24/7, and I have unplugged his testicles and keep them in a hidden in a locked 24k gold Fabergé scrotum in the safe. Grin. He’s a monster, much like the runaway “Id” in “Forbidden Planet.” GRIN.) As for the oracular card today . . . well, 
harrumph. I’ve drawn him before, and I have never particularly been fond of the idea of “role models,” but let me steal a quote from the LWB to this deck; “A moral being is one who is capable of reflecting on his past actions and their motives – of approving of some and disapproving of others.” (Charles Darwin) Well, he sounds like a right priggish little twat, doesn’t he? LOL. When you really “sit down” and examine the English, you find that they really ARE a most eccentric and quixotic race; their Victorian/Edwardian prudery and insistence that good moral fiber admits NO Shadow, along with their particular brand of arrogant superiority, was the seed for SO much bad conduct in the modern world. Oh well, there are ALWAYS twats, right? Grin. One can be deeply glad that England and the UK have become so much more multiracial even on their sacred home turf. I have NO reason to slam the English, so please don’t imagine that I am doing that; I’m simply stating something from personal observation. (Yes, smarty-pants, I’ve known many a living “Victorian”; check your local church for a handful yourself, you can smell the hypocrisy from miles away. LOL.) Oh, okay, enough. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL sheer grace today as we help another. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!! 

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