Monday, March 12, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 12/03/2018; I like this new groove, serendipitously found, formed by the *Santa Muerte Tarot* by Fabio Listrani and the *Astrogame” astrological deck by Brigitte Badel for the oracular cards, so I have repeated it. The vibe is VERY harmonious, and it is a pleasure to read because the sense of the cards jumps forward immediately. As is apparent from today’s draw, I DON’T mean that the cards are always harmoniously good – obviously not; I mean the “pulling together” of the ensemble tableau is more evident than with many other decks, with the bonus that the art “clicks” into place quite nicely and makes sense. Onward and Upward! The draw for today is as follows; A) Guiding Arcanum = VI the Lovers; B) MaleFog = 8 of Cups; C) FemFog = 5 of Pentacles, with the oracular card for today being Neptune in Taurus, “concretization of the invisible.”  Well, it is certainly a contrasted draw, eh? LOL. My oracular card couldn’t be more “mystic,” and my Guiding Arcanum today is VI the Lovers, or “Choice” as I always think of it; then 
the MaleFog is of no sure comfort, indicating that while this is a moment of new balance, it is precarious and quite possibly terribly brief. Rounding out this “hmm-dubious” draw this morning is (it never rains, it pours) the 5 of Pentacles, an oft-misperceived card, as it is actually quite dynamic and forward-facing, IF we can manage it. Otherwise, it leaves us precisely where it found us, no wiser for having experienced the card. I have learned to steer away from that “beggars drifting in the snow before a lit, warm church” image that SO often accompanies the 5 of Pentacles – it isn’t correct, and it is misleading in that subtle way of mixing truth & illusion. As for the oracular card today, Neptune in Taurus, I really like it, but given this entourage, I can’t say it promises anything wonderful on the horizon, but rather, perhaps, even something ugly. ‘On verra,’ but I feel it is necessary to say that I can easily find worth and value in, because of or in spite of ‘ugliness,’ but only if the ugliness isn’t the purpose of the materialization. If it is, then it is often simply another veil of “evil,” or misdirection of divine purpose. One can love an ugly child; a child who is ugly of soul with that reflection throughout its being is unlovable, because it is a travesty or corruption of Nature. (If you believe you have never met a “truly ugly” person, wake up. You have, you just didn’t identify it that way – perhaps s/he was merely abhorrent to you.) Today is a day of working at home, so the arena for these cards to play themselves out is very limited, but knowing the Tarot,
I trust that they will do exactly that. Grin. To be quite frank (no, I will NOT be Helen again, quit asking! grin) I can’t say that the Tarot spread today fills me with any positive, “Let’s Step Forward!” good-feeling energy or vibration. Therefore, while remaining vigilant on the psychic front AGAINST any behaviors that might encourage deviation or dissolution, I must nevertheless be aware of keeping my far-point relay stations open for signs of Neptune-in-Taurus vibrations or the “arrival of the comet.” Grin. Let’s look at the cards individually in a bit more detail, but not a lot and not in vivisection – grin. A) VI – The Lovers – “The card of the Lovers forces us to choose, but not before we have gone through a period of learning, including doubts, crossroads and ambiguities. We are finally ready to do what we like and to love what we do. The key of the choice shines actively and our heart is ready to accept it, creating a new union, a new project or a new friendship. It is also a moment for meetings, of social life [which I would recommend AGAINST, considering the following cards -mm], altruism, but on the negative side it can bring with it doubts, arguments and even separations, deceptions or temptations. ‘Advice of the dead: Having chosen the direction, proceed without hesitation towards that road. It will probably be the harder road but it will reveal itself without doubt to be the best way to gain what you love.” 
(LWB, *Santa Muerte Tarot*.) Absolutely right-on advice, to which I would simply add, “Be SURE to make the choice you know to be right for you.” (Echoes of “Know Thyself.”) Next up, in the MaleFog, comes a card of which I have never been overly fond, the 8 of Cups – I don’t dislike it, of course, it is just so . . . indolent. LOL. “A new moment of balance that, although connected to emotions and feelings, leaves some doubt as to its duration. This is probably a precarious stability. If not faced in a serene and satisfying manner it may mutate into a difficult situation, through laziness, self-isolation or fear of possible delusions. ‘The Advice of the dead: Accept your actual situation and the possible failures, and try to be receptive and disposed towards a change of equilibrium destined in any case to mutate.’” (LWB) Yes, I know, I felt it, AND the accompanying sub-text; “Get over it, Mark. Hang on, strap in, whatever, but you KNEW this was going to change ANYWAY, so . . . .” I just want to make sure I do NOT let excuses slip in to blunt my perception. Exiting Testosterone Town and heading over to East Estrogen, we have the 5 of Pentacles; “The Five of Pentacles is an active, dynamic card that announces, step by step, the positive evolution towards the future and the discovery of new interests or new solutions. An excess of dynamism and velocity in moving about could however make the situation too fluid and unstable, causing inevitable worries and disorder to appear and obliging us to go back to where we were. ‘Advice of the dead: With calm and through concrete and objective evaluation, you can go ahead, overcoming any crisis that you meet along the way.’” Grin – I can see, right off the top, 4 places where I would need to insert “[BUT-]s,” so I’m not even going to go there, other than to say to all of you readers, “sit up and pay attention when this card shows up; it is HEAVILY influenced by what is in its immediate vicinity.” I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the benefit of extra energy today in order to avoid spiritual laziness. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!! 

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