Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 13/03/2018; I am using this deck combo for the third and probably last time (for the moment) of these two decks; I can feel the initial charge waning, so it needs to ‘lie fallow’ and recharge a bit. It is an easy moment to recognize; that little frisson between you & the cards has finished, and although they are the same cards & you are still you, they simply appear to be “illustrated cards’ to you and no longer surrounded with that little invisible buzz you feel from the Sacred Tarot. Let them rest, and take up another deck with which you DO feel the buzz, NOW. If you don’t feel the buzz with the cards ever, fresh or not, you probably should consider taking a day or two off reading, and then start a 5-day refresher lesson for yourself, re-identifying what each card REALLY means to YOU, not to some dry little pamphlet or 
“hit the market” book. Make the deck PERSONAL, as it always is, and let YOU flow into the meanings for the cards. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = 0 The Fool; B) ‘MaleFog’ = the Page of Cups; C) ‘FemFog’ = the Queen of Swords; my oracular card today is Jupiter in Libra = a Conciliatory Spirt, a Sense of Celebration. The start of a new journey . . . hmm, I am NOT sure that I like the sounds of that; I ONLY say that because I am right at the beginning of investigating a new malady that has manifested in my health, and has the potential to be quite destructive, if the news is dark. So “a new Journey” DOES NOT sound promising – all I can see is doctors’ appointments and bullshit and more medications and bullshit and another clinic and bullshit . . . “fuck me riding bitch on a Harley!” I do NOT want to go through the routine again, which is yet another year of back and forths to Hospital Land. However, if that IS in the cards, I will, of course, wrap myself in my own fucking elegant grace and do my best to fulfill the Journey. Grin. I can be pretty damn sensational when I want to be, and one of the things that calls that forth in me is demonstrating the way I believe one must act when caught between the finely grinding gears of Life; Be a gentleman, DON’T WHINE, and take Responsibility and Control of your “battle formation” for your fight against a merciless invader of your Health. I’m not going to go on about it, this week still needs to be gotten through and the knowledge gathered therefrom and whipped to the stiff consistency of Shining Truth Meringue (grin.) 
I shall know more when the week is ended and I am in possession of the whole diagnostic pie.  Here are some LWB bits to give you a few handholds on these cards; in whatever situation you find yourself today, perhaps there is a morsel of wisdom that can help. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the patience to sling our sword across our shoulders and wait a bit. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!              0 The Fool – “Whether it is the beginning or the end of a new project or a journey, what the Fool brings with him is a great flood of energy, a feeling of lightness and novelty. The road on which he finds himself – where going towards or moving away from something – can be seen as an escape or as a liberation. It is nevertheless always illuminated by intuition and perspicacity. If we are in the middle of a problem or a negative moment this is because the card can bring with it as baggage things like chaos, impulsiveness, indecision, and can lead to irrational choices, incoherence, or the flightiness of a butterfly. ‘The advice of the dead: Continue along your road having focused on your objectives. Often, traveling lightly and freeing yourself of some “baggage” can help to channel your energies better.’” (LWB; the *Santa Muerte Tarot* by Fabio Listrani, 2017.)                                                                                        
  Page of Cups – “A curious and reflective figure, not yet mature and prepared, but an attentive observer waiting to acquire his own critical judgement and decision-making capacity. The Page represents a timid beginning but destined to evolve positively if inexperience or some initial jealousy, does not damper his interest or love. ‘Advice of the dead: Continue to study and to dedicate yourself to what you are doing and good results will not take long to arrive, but do not let yourself be distracted by facile illusions.’” (LWB)                                                                  Queen of Swords – “Severe and austere, the Queen of Swords personifies an ideal of wisdom, intelligence and brilliance, matured from delusions, privations or from problems that were dealt with and overcome. On her shoulders rests the heavy weight of these experiences that have nevertheless served as an enrichment and not as a motive for vendetta or wickedness. ‘The advice of the dead: Your experience will enable you to deal with and better manage whatever happens, directing it towards positive and constructive outcomes.” (LWB) 

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