Friday, March 2, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 03/03/2018; the deck today is *The Tarot of Prague* by Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony, along with its eponymous book issued by Magic Realist Press, Prague, 2016.You can obtain it with the boxed version, if it is ever available; this one goes in & out of availability, so if you see one, grab it; not only is it a truly beautiful deck, but it reads like ‘spiritual silk’ – grin, in other words quite nicely. Onward & Upward! The draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = X the Wheel of Fortune; B) (fluidic) Masculine = Queen of Swords; C) (fluidic) Feminine = 9 of Wands (image replacement): my oracular card today comes from *The Burning Serpent Oracle* by Robert M. Place & Rachel Pollack, and is #21 the Mountain. I LIKE today’s 
draw, and not because I see it as some sort of glissade of happiness where I can sing all day like Shirley Temple aboard the Good Ship Lollipop . . . grin, no, not at all. I like it because it seems slightly mysterious and definitely challenging, which of COURSE interests me more than a ride through the Bland White Starches Exhibit at the County Fair. I like the opening no-good/bad-value Wheel of Fortune, despite the fact that I am one of the UNluckiest people I have ever met. I say that from a disconnected point of view; were I able to remark upon how many times the Universe “has pulled my chestnuts out of the fire,” I most surely would be ASTOUNDED at the level of personal care the Cosmos seems to devote to seekers. How many times has my life been snatched from the jaws of Death? How many times have I JUST, ‘by-the-skin-of-my-teeth,” avoided something that could have been really, really UGLY? Or painful? Or cruel? You get the idea – just how MANY times have we been saved from ourselves by that mysterious & invisible “hand of God” manifestation that hidden, acts, then disappears? The permutations and byways of that train of thought coupled to these cards make this a delightful reading, looked at somewhat objectively. 
I’m not sure why my “bivalve” (a less restrictive & more fluidic representation of the Animus/Anima construct) is trumpeting a militant Queen and a stressed male traveler in gender-soft complicity, but I can grok it. I’m not afraid to let my “masculine” put my “feminine” right on out there on center stage; if this half of the bivalve wants to trumpet her virtues, it is okay with me. I’ve always liked a good, strong Queen of Swords on the scene to get things done and with whom I can converse beyond the pleasantries; “Hello! Good day, isn’t it, to kill dilly-dalliers and mouthy upstarts, eh? And of course let’s not forget the stupidly illogical!” LOL. As for the other chamber of the bivalve, it seems my more feminine side (not necessarily my Anima, but near) is feeling Stress, and the need for some down time and recommitment to the Cause. Her heart is still in the right place; she’s just been overtaxed, 
and needs to balance herself in order to continue. The violence & “the Fight” have taken their toll, and it seems the only thing in her mind at the moment is the next fight - and this won’t do, not at all. At this pace, she’ll break before she bends without some R&R ASAP. My oracular card today is #21 the Mountain. Despite this being an oracle of difficulties to surmount, etc. I feel quite “welcomed” by this card. I was born just several hundred meters from the base of a large chain of mountains, the tail end of the Rocky Mountains as they sputter to an end in New Mexico. I have lived the larger part of my life around mountains, not seas; those being the two “choices” so to speak, or differently put, people who like the flat horizon and those who like the broken horizon. (And so on & so forth.) I LOVE the ocean, and its depths; I even qualified as a PADI Rescue Diver, an underwater paramedic so to speak, during an earlier decade. But my heart is in the mountains, and always will be, if for no other reason that I constantly, ceaselessly, wish to continue the climb “up” – up and out, up and away, up & gone. “Next tour of the Cosmos starts in 5 minutes!! All aboard!” Grin. I’ll be getting off at the furthest attraction – I have NO desire to return. That covers my input for this morning, and I don’t think I’ll add any blah-blah just to add blah-blah. Be NICE to each other there today, okay? I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a real & genuine interest in our day today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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  1. I am a child of the beach, but am drawn to the broken horizon, perhaps because I was born in a hospital that sat on a coastal cliff. I, too, have had the Universe change the direction I had been traveling when I was unaware of how dangerous the road had become.