Thursday, March 22, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22/03/2018; the deck today is *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald G. Beaman, and the oracular deck is *The Anubis Oracle* by K. Waldherr, N. Scully, L. Star-Wolf. The draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = XI Judgement; B) Male current = 9 of Ankhs (Wands); C) Female current = Queen of Wands. My oracular card for today is I – Entering the Mystery, with the Dove, Nekhbet-Mother-Mut, Nephthys & Isis. I like the spread today; if I had to summon up a short bedtime story to describe it, it would go something like this; “Not so very long ago, the ‘ba’-form of a man named Mark-el passed through death, the Portal of the Great Mystery, and was immediately called upon to “pass judgment” upon himself, his character & his actions. This he did with the help of his friends 
Osiris, Anubis and Ma’at, and he emerged as ‘the justified Mark-el’ and was permitted access to both the Blessed Fields and the other Great Portals, which would carry him much further along the symbol-laden and progressive Journey than he could ever have known or imagined. He saw now that he had HAD to arrive at this “crossroads” in order to continue the Journey at ALL. His male sentiments and flowing feelings felt a great deal of materialized contentment and happiness because the suffering associated with his incarnation had now passed, NEW choices were available and his female current seemed to be very organized and right on top of things, to his surprise. However, she is using ‘Feeling’ to guide herself through this part of the afterlife, and she knows that her compass is right. 
He has passed through that cumbersome doorway, the passing of the sensorial, bodily aware construct of being incarnated, and he is now ‘initiated’ and free to continue. [This is ALL remarkably similar to losing one’s virginity on the journey to adulthood.] So the moral here, audience, is not to be afraid of the Unknown, but to meet it prepared and with joy, because with just a little luck, a lot of previous training exercises and new effort, it will be YOUR horizon that you see.” (Then I pass the hat, and anyone who gives less than a golden shat [a form of ancient Egyptian coinage] I curse and spit upon, vilifying as spiritually corrupted and not worthy of the Afterlife. GRIN.) So, really, you see, this is a pretty good hand considered from the point of view of someone who has recently ceased Here and started There, i.e. died and moved on. (Kind of like a window-cleaner passing from lift to right across 
your 85th floor office windows. Grin.) Which is how I’m starting to feel, as ridiculous as that is; I don’t even know yet if I have something life-threatening, but I WILL tomorrow afternoon. And to be QUITE honest, intuition and feeling tell me that this time, with this illness (whatever it may be,) I’m NOT returning unchanged, if I return at all. To be really honest with ALL of you who are reading this, I don’t have ANY fear of this coming up at all – I do have a kind of blistering, scathing hatred for any physical pain this may involve – and I DO look forward to continue Journeying, as you all know. And if I remain here in Malkuth, ‘justified’ but alive, ‘kept’ here by Atum-Ra “against my preference but understanding his Will,” then so be it, and I’ll try to do my shiny best on whatever project needs to be accomplished. And . . . “THEN maybe I can get outta here and go home.” GRIN. NOW, LET’S MAKE ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR; I am NOT wishing for death, I am NOT wishing I get a terminal diagnosis for whatever-the-fuck-this-is; my POINT in all of this is absolutely picking up the standard and walking my talk, because I DO NOT fear Death, I really don’t, it’s just a much more elaborate and jarring daily activity, so to speak. Everybody goes through it, absolutely everyone: I am simply looking forward to the continuing adventure, you see, “I don’t really care about the serial number of the plane that flew me to the headwaters of the Amazon to begin this a-m-a-z-e-b-a-l-l-s adventure, kayaking the Amazon by Moonlight!! Wahoo!!!!” LOL . . .  AND LET US NOT FORGET ANOTHER THING – It is possible, not likely but possible, that I will be told, “Oh yes, there is a problem, but we can fix it!” and after poke this and cut that, I’m out and free to cause Trouble again. Grin. There is only one question I am not prepared to answer right now, and that is that if treatment involves chemotherapy & radiation, will I do it? I have grave doubts and questions that are net yet resolved on that issue, so if it comes to that, I guess I’ll have to resolve them & make a decision, eh? Right? Right! So, aside from the large elephant-made-of-shit sitting in the conference room, this is a damn fine hand to start off on the bigger, grander Journey, wouldn’t you think? Well, I know it is available, if I need it. I hope I won’t, not yet, but if so, I’m cool with that, too. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the calmness to deal with “Beyond Reason” today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!! 

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