Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 30/03/2018; you already know the decks being used today, don’t you, boys & girls? Grin. Yes, I’m thinking that perhaps, if my diagnosis FINALLY comes in today (I’ve been waiting since Monday,) we can move on to a new set of decks on Sunday/the day of the Sun. I’ve always loved the *Egipcios Kier* deck, but spending longer than a peripatetic day or two with it has deepened my respect and (lower-case-a) awe, as what it pulls up sometimes seems wildly disconnected UNTIL you take in ALL the factors including the astrological ones. Sr. Janeiro was an inspired person when he created this deck. Onward & Upward! The draw for today is as follows: A) Guiding Arcanum = VI the Lovers [this was a vertical “jumper” right UP out of the deck and “sailing through the air” to land face down in front of me]; B) 
Male current = 53 Hostility; C) Female current = 27 The Unexpected; my oracular card for the day is (again) ‘Guidance’ = “You are receiving guidance. Follow your own path.”  Yes, I am fairly sure that I AM following my own Path, with Guidance; what is SO characteristic with me is that the Guidance and my faith in the Journey are never screamingly loud. They act and observe in the shadows, exerting tremendous pressure but not saying much, which can often leave “little ole surface me” feeling as if WAY too much is being expected of me, AS USUAL. Why throw cancer at me and say, “you’re tough, we know you can take it; do it to prove that you merit spiritual advancement”? Just who the fuck are you to submit me willy-nilly to your “proofs”? (No doubt that is my Male current slipping in even at the oracular level to let anyone who will listen know that he is pissed off. Grin. I’m SO predictable.) Well, let’s circle around to my Guiding Arcanum today, VI the Lovers . . . or Choice, as I prefer to call it. It never really struck me with any “ah HA, Murgatroyd!” kind of realization, but it is especially noticeable to me today that he has chosen the “sensual,” Lilith, and left “goody-two-shoes Eve” eating pyramid dust. Ah . . . nothing like the bathos of the choice between Sacred and Profane Love to fire up your sense of “why yes, of COURSE I shall make the noble choice!” Grin. Puff-puff, Puff Daddy, blow into that ego. “Arcanum VI: Indecision in the act of choosing between two paths. It is a mystery symbol of the operative cause that acts on each being coded in the letter Vau. It represents the principle of the Word as an efficient cause, the knowledge of Good and Evil, Natural Law, vice and virtue as elements of transcendent action. Modeling attribute: 
Venus in Taurus. In the Spiritual Plane represents the instinctive knowledge of what is proper or improper, the moral law that governs the conscience and gives transcendence to the acts. In the Mental Plane it is Abstinence and Gluttony, Freedom and Necessity, Duty and Law as operating forces. In the Physical Plane it tends to the determination of conduct, to marriage or to celibacy to abstention in the inclinations of the appetite or to the unbridled enjoyment of its joys. Transcendent axiom: "Works give me, Lord, but with them strength". As a predictor, it promises privileges and duties in the relations of the sexes, antagonism of forces, separations and divorces, possession of what is pursued and burning desires that are fulfilled, some that satisfy and others that defraud.” (“La Cábala de Predicción” by J. Iglesias Janeiro; Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984.) If nothing else, it weakly mimics a choice being prepared for me at this time – to continue or to “move on.” Once I have the weather forecast in hand, I can form my response. The ‘Beige Bivalve’ is quite the surprise today. This is composed of the next two cards, my Male and Female currents. The Male current is represented today by – ta-da! – 53 Hostility. Really? LOL, okay. OF COURSE it applies. You bet I’m feeling hostile . . . to my own body is the sad part of the story. I feel as if the Whole (Physical) Ball of Yarn is coming unraveled; some kitten rolled me down an incline 6 years ago and the descent has only been gathering speed since. IT makes me ANGRY – until I get a grip and get over myself, of course, which is amazingly rapid in most cases. I’ve learned to not hold on to those flash fires that spring up – I only keep them alive; let them die out as quickly, and life is a LOT smoother and enjoyable. “Arcanum 53: Resentment as an act of offense. It symbolizes the human virtue of the defense itself. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the planet Saturn, the letter X and the number 8. It represents the principle of reprisal. Transcendental Axiom: "Not soft, avenging sword, nor repairing sword themes". As an element of prediction, promises anger, imprudence, ineptitude, attacks, defenses, criticism, 
slander, danger, fire, fight with people of position.” (Ibid) Yessiree Bob! Everything we already know. Add to that the Female current, and the Beige Bivalve is a soup of murky surprises indeed today. “Arcanum 27: The Unexpected in the act of becoming manifest. It symbolizes the human virtue of the subconscious processes. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the planet Mars, the letter Y and the number 9 It represents life [in the] interior as a determining cause of the exterior. Transcendental axiom: "Neither excess honey to sweeten, nor vainglory to prosper." As element of prediction, promises, conditioned triumphs, surprises, conjurations, betrayals, findings, discoveries, some of them late.” (Ibid) Well, harrumph, yes! That seems to be the overwhelming, overarching theme of this whole “You have cancer” experience: surprises, LATE DISCOVERIES (like fucking cancer,) and what seems to me up to know a rather lackadaisical response to keeping me informed and “in on it.” On verra – I plan on spending the afternoon creating Holy Hell at the hospital if they haven’t called me by then. Enough is enough. Someone is here waiting for news about whether he is going to live or die, folks. “Getcher fatfrenchass in gear an’ gimme a call!” Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL an unexpected and positive gift today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!! 

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