Monday, March 5, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 05/03/2018; the deck today is my treasured jewel, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro, as well as his book, “La Cabala de Predicción” (printed by Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984.) If you aren’t aware that this un-suited deck is first-rate, then know it now. It may jar you to not have suits and Court cards, but with a little work it comes just as naturally and easily as skipping across the Nile on crocodile backs. Grin. I’m joking, but I’m not; it is EASILY absorbed and one (or least I) comes to realize that this format gives a GREAT deal of subtler latitude to the cards. I certainly would NOT want every deck to be in this format, but for these cards it is perfect. Not a great deal is known about Sr. Janeiro, he remains a bit of a mystery even now. His books were all published between the 1930s to 1950s. His deck is widely hailed as being of great complexity and depth, but other than his “La Cabala,” he wrote nothing else of any substance concerning the Tarot, or from where he drew this deck, not the inspiration that led him to create it. My only reason to NOT recommend it is that being Out of Print (O-o-P,) if you can find a copy it is WILDLY expensive – the last price I remember seeing was around $10,700.00 on 
Amazon. So, if you can afford it, then by all means buy these cards. Grin. IF you cannot, then might I suggest a do it yourself project? One can buy blank tarot cards (Amazon) – download the entire deck, card by card if you must, and with a pair of scissors and some glue make your own deck. “Oh merciful Murgatroyd! It’s just an idea, Oglethorpe, don’t cry like that!” Grin. Onward and Upward! The draw today is as follows: A) Guide = #13 Immortality; B) Male current = #55 Contrition; C) Female Current = #65 Apprenticeship; my oracular card today comes from *The Anubis Oracle* by K. Waldherr, N. Scully & L. Star Wolf, and it is #13 Osiris – “Regeneration, Transmutation, Beauty.” I like the way the spread lines out; TWO # 13s, which I do NOT consider “bad” or “unlucky” in ANY way, right away, announcing that BIG Change is right NOW on my horizon, and it is coming with all of its bells, whistles & lights on and making noise. Sounds like a one-man band, doesn’t’ it? LOL. Since I HIGHLY doubt I’m about to drop dead in the street (admitting the possibility, nevertheless, eh?,) I simply must choose the deeper and more esoteric significance of the card – profound, planned-for & accepted Change. That is not only my Guide today; it is my oracular card, which I always address to the Cosmos & its forces as “Their voice,” their chance to have a say without having to filter it through me. “Arcanum XIII: IMMORTALITY in the act of renewing life. It is a symbol of the mystery of primordial water coded in the letter Mem. It represents the principle of conception, embodiment, renewal, rebirth, by which elements are transmuted into others and man continues in his work. Modeling attribute: Gemini, abode of Mercury In the Spiritual Plane is the renewal of the life by the disintegration of its parts, the liberation of the essence by the transformation of the matter that contains it. 
In the Mental Plane it represents the action and the reaction, the dissolution that precedes the formation, the inductive that gives rise to the deductive, the inertia as a function of the movement. In the Physical Plane it tends to the processes that favor lethargy, drowsiness, petrification, somnambulism, what is corrupted, what is destroyed, what perishes to be reborn in different form. Transcendent axiom: "The night has passed and the new day has come.” (“La Cábala de Predicción” para J. Iglesias Janeiro; Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984.) This is followed, by #55 Contrition, which I STILL maintain looks NOTHING like contrition at all, being a foreign captive kneeling in submission before a victorious Pharaoh. Contrition is an entirely different act than submission. However you look at it, the main thrust here is “I won, you lost. Now, be willfully, heartily sorry and apologize for being a loser.” LOL – you see? that doesn’t really work as “contrition,” does it? However, I took the card at title value and immediately apologized to the Cosmos for any opposition I may recently have shown to my Path, and let it go. I don’t wallow; nobody should, it is fatal to your mental health. “Arcanum 55: CONTRITION as an act of repentance. It symbolizes the human virtue of recognize the mistake itself. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the Pluto planet, the letter A and the number 1. It represents the principle of voluntary reparation. Transcendent axiom: "Do not sow mix in your garden, nor cultivate it in your heart". As an element of prediction, promises lamentations, afflictions of spirit, dislikes, unsatisfactory profits, attainment of material goods through moral pain.” (Ibid)  Finally we come to the “femfog” as I 
affectionately name it, which is, after yesterday’s crisis and today’s apology, ready to learn again and in a spirit of cooperation. Thank Hathor, she has put both feet back on Malkuth and my concern about her Balance is vanquished; “Arcanum 65: LEARNING as teaching and warning. It symbolizes human virtue of knowledge by experience. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the Moon, the letter J and the number 2. It represents the beginning of the discipline itself. Transcendent axiom: "Who adds science, pain adds, day or night, for their good". As a predictor, it promises internal and external teachings, defects and virtues, promotions and descents, protection of a person older in age and position, more fortunate for the future close to what the present suggests.” Well, that is rather esoterically confusing a bit! But the general idea gets through, and oddly enough it is balanced both good & bad. Hmm; oh that clever Egyptian/Argentinian! LOL. This all seems of a cast given to assurance of continued progression, which is ALWAYS my sub-rosa question. Grin. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the swift arrival of a much desired Change in our lives. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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