Monday, March 5, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 06/03/2018; I am using the same decks today as yesterday, and this might indicate a new trend for me; using a deck until I feel the energy grow weak, then let it lie fallow for a while and take up another for new input. We shall see how that goes, eh? My draw for today is as follows: A) Guide = #17 The Star; B) MaleFog = #65 Apprenticeship; C) FemFog = #41 Dissension; D) Oracular card = VII Sacred Purpose – Ptah, Nut, Geb & Anubis working in unity to perfect your manifestations. (More on that later.) I rather like today’s draw for its difference; no dull “calm joy & serenity” for me, nosiree! Dissension, new beginnings, Hope, and an underlying conviction that I have and am motivated by Sacred Purpose. LOL. I mean, admit it, if one was feeling a bit under the weather and physically ill of the “blandness” in everyday life (I felt ill for no specific reason this morning, wanting to “orally eject,” but mastered the discomfort,) to be handed a plate made of golden Hope but filled with liver, onions & stewed okra. I don’t know whether to gag or 
grin. Also, feeling that I have a “sacred purpose” is more or less normal for me; I have a very healthy ego, and while I DON’T think I’m anyone SPECIAL, I am still unique in all the Universe and what I do with my life, my destiny, matters – at least to me and I hope to the Cosmos, but I’d rather not overreach the bounds of sanity & reason by indulging in that fantasy (influencing the Cosmos, that is.) “Arcanum XVII: HOPE in the act of transmuting the primordial elements. It is a symbol of the mystery of the cosmogonic breath coded in the letter Phe. It represents the beginning of the verb in the act, the immortality of existence, the creative force of faith. Modeling attribute: Libra, Saturn's dwelling. In the Spiritual Plane, self-abnegation is source of life, faith as an acting element, primary intelligence expressing itself through the high school. In the Mental Plane it represents the illumination of knowledge through the evidence of the test, the light of the past experiences, the cause united to its effect. In the Physical Plane It tends to the processes that feed optimism, expectations, genius, charity and everything that strengthens the mood although it brings privations. Transcendent axiom: ‘Some men ask for signs to believe, and others ask for wisdom to act; but the hopeful heart has everything in its hope.’ As a predictor, promises intuition, sustenance, enlightenment, births, brief afflictions and brief satisfactions, anger and reconciliation, deprivation, abandonment and gain.” (“La Cábala de Predicción” by J. Iglesias Janeiro; Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984.) 
Moving on (having writ, the “Moving Finger” . . . grin,) I see that #65 Apprenticeship is important enough in this schema to move from the FemFog yesterday to the MaleFog today. (Those two identities replaced Animus and Anima because I want them to have less defined limits, and to show that there is never a “real” border of any kind between them.) However, that being said, we have a real “traveler” today, the Apprentice, who is important enough at this time that it is making SURE that I notice it by appearing in the two “fogs” in 2 successive days. Noted, and thank you, Mark-S (Subconscious. Grin.) “Arcanum 65: LEARNING as teaching and warning. It symbolizes the human virtue of knowledge by experience. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the Moon, the letter J and the number 2. It represents the beginning of the discipline itself. Transcendent axiom: ‘Who adds science, pain adds, day or night, for their good’ As a predictor, it promises internal and external teachings, defects and virtues, promotions and descents, protection of a person older in age and position, more fortunate for the future close to what the present suggests.” (Ibid) Finally, and not without its own flourish of the dramatic final curtain and people filing out of the theater murmuring, “But WTF happened??” I have drawn #41 Dissension as where my Femfog is probably hovering today. Why, I haven’t the vaguest, ‘wildly gesturing’ idea (grin.) It is a strange card all-round, with the upside-down vase below in the water, the Vulture, the center and right sigils, it ALL looks off, doesn’t it? “Yes, Professor.” “Excellent, class. I’m glad to see that we’ve all studied our hieroglyphs for today.” (Grin.) Before I spout any further, let’s see what the creator of the card, Sr. Janeiro, thought; “Arcanum 41: DISRUPTION as an act of restlessness of mind. It symbolizes the human virtue of the constant search for the best. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the planet 
Mercury, the letter LL and the number 5. It represents the citizen life principle. Transcendent axiom: "The bows of the forts were broken, and the skinny ones were girded strength.” As a predictor, it promises outrage, violence, groups of people in movement, numerous family, loves of youth, happy of opposite sense.” (Ibid) Now what the” hell is one supposed to make of that, can you imagine? It sounds a LOT like a group of people in an “eat or be eaten” situation giving in to the panic, basically. Like people climbing on other people’s shoulders to avoid drowning. WHY my Anima would be anywhere near a construct of this type totally mystifies me, therefore, the only logical explanation is that it arrives from outside. Well, on verra. I’m just as read to stop this car and take a troublemaker to the rest-stop restroom for a talk with my strap as I have ever been . . . LOL. “Psychic vigilance, Mark; the “buffoons” are out in force today.” Finally, and first, is VII Sacred Purpose from *The Anubis Oracle*; “Ptah speaks from his intelligent heart and reality is created. Anubis, the fully awakened Shaman Priest, enters the sacred garden through the portal created by the divine parents – the overarching sky goddess, Nut, and the rich, green and fertile Earth god, Geb. Thoth is also present as the rainbow serpent who offers the fruit of wisdom and eternal life from the ancient tree. ¶ As you focus on the images on this card, perceive your own current life situations with the openhearted wisdom of the Shaman Priest, Anubis, so what is being birthed or created through your thoughts, words, activities and everyday life story have the greatest potential for completion and wholeness.” (“The Anubis Oracle” by K. Waldherr, N. Scully & L. Star Wolf; Bear & co., Rochester, 2008.) So there we have it, “the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth, I swear to Sopdet.” Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the grace and the good sense to kick any dissension in our lives out the door on its ass. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!! 

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