Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! To The Fool’s Tarot for 07/03/2018; I’m still using the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* & *The Anubis Oracle* as my decks, as I feel they haven’t reached the end of their run yet. My draw for today is as follows: A) Guide = IX the Hermit; B) MaleFog = #37 Art and Science; C) FemFog = #52 Premeditation. My oracular card for today is II Sacred Relationship, featuring Khnum, Sobek, Horus, Sekhmet and the Sphinx. Grin . . . that’s quite a gathering of friends, eh? (More about this card later.) I can grok this reading quite well, due to some news I received yesterday. It is on my health horizon, and while it is grave news, it is unconfirmed; I will need to have it double-checked out. Until I can confirm yea or nay on the matter, I feel I need to keep this close to my vest as I want neither the rumor mill nor the windblown-fire-effect of FB and social media to exaggerate, 
misconstrue, or otherwise warp any sort of news; as well, this is really news for my friends; so if you read it in these pages, then I have considered you friend enough to tell the news; PLEASE keep my friendship and my confidence by resisting the impulse to gossip. Thank you! I’ll know soon enough whether the news is verified, i.e. true, or simply another scare from the slow collapse of the Solar System I call my body. On verra, eh? Grin. In the meantime, here is information on these cards and I assure you that today the pattern is without flaw; Retreat from the hubbub, check out Art & Science for info about what may be going on with me, and then Premeditated action to get my butt in gear and get the problem fixed, if I can. I shall need “Sacred Relationship” both to carry through with the “dealing with it,” as well as if it is true a network of friends to support me through my possible sudden bad news. That is as far as I am comfortable going on about this right now, and of course I can’t summon small talk simply to fill space. I ask the Cosmos today to give us the Will & the Strength to fortify all of our supportive relationships as they are ALL Sacred. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                              
(Oracular Card) II Sacred Relationship – “The Master Craftsman Khnum fashions the new human on his potter’s wheel. Horus and Sobek hold the tension of opposites and come into reconciliation and acceptance of each other’s gifts. Sekhmet offers her fiery, fierce compassion to transform the polarized heart so that forgiveness and sacred purpose can emerge. The Sphinx as the Earth altar conveys cosmic wisdom into the awakening heart. ¶ In your interaction with this composite, consider what you are constructing in your life, in your relationships and other situations. Look at the possible reconciliations that transform polarities and conflict, and how you can reflect the actions of these allies as you find deeper understanding, compassion, and/or forgiveness within yourself.” 
(*The Anubis Oracle* by K. Waldherr, N. Scully & L. Star Wolf; Bear & Co., Rochester, 2008.)       #9 The Hermit – “Arcanum IX: The Hermit in the act of illuminating his inner world. It is symbol of the mystery of the unfathomable ciphered in the letter Teth. It represents the principle of love as a pure act, the element of conservation and renewal, protective genius, prudence, initiation into the arcana of life higher. Modeling attribute: Mars in Aries. In the Spiritual Plane it is the manifestation of the divine light in human works, absolute wisdom, the communion of the thinker with his thought and the thing thought. In the Mental Plane it represents discretion, charity and renascence; the selection between the true and the false, the liking and the dislike for what is moral or immoral, the judgment that compares and solves. In the Physical Plane it tends to molecular development, the culmination of everything that is previous, the decoration of the finished work and the ascension to higher planes. Transcendent Axiom: ‘Go up to the mountain and contemplate the promised land, but I do not tell you that you will enter into it.’ As a predictor, it promises science to make discoveries, order to perform them and caution to use them; auspicious associations and unfortunate associations, friends who help and friends who hinder, light of reason and light of intuition, the first for immediate, the second for what it has to be.” (“La Cábala de Predicción” by J. Iglesias Janeiro; Kier, Buenos Aires, 1984.)                                                                                               
 #37 Art and Science – “Arcanum 37: Art and Science as factors of individual evolution. It symbolizes virtue of the discipline itself as an element of progress. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the Sun, the letter I and the number 1. It represents the principle of creation through applied knowledge. Transcendent axiom: "Land of promise before my eyes, help me, foot, to reach it". As element of prediction, promises sincere friendships, magnanimous help, probity, equity, resources, imperious [commands], compulsions, perversions, popularity, not all uplifting.” (Ibid)                                                         #52 Premeditation – (oddly enough, not linked to murder – Grin.) “Arcane 52: Premeditation as an act of calculation. It symbolizes the human virtue of preconceiving the desired results. Modeling attribute: It is associated with the planet Neptune, the letter V and the number 7. It represents the Principle of the evaluation of factors. Transcendent axiom: "Put your heart in all your words, but do not put all the words in your heart.” As a predictor, it promises artifices, feigned subtleties, malice, dissimulation, cunning, sterility, indigence, female hatreds, struggles as a result of these hatreds.” (Ibid) Whoa! Who let the Viper lady into my garden? I shall have to dispose of her soon, although I can imagine she represents another type of premeditation, i.e. thought-out action. In other words, confirm the problem, study the problem, and then DO something about it. Understood – over and out. Today I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the benefit of a plan when the unexpected shows up in our lives. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!  

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