Thursday, March 8, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 08/03/2018; I just flashed on how wild that is, or would be, to the geeky, young voracious sci-fi reader I was in my pre-teens in the early 1960s. 2018 . . . Wow! LOL, Time DOES fly, doesn’t it? (Or is nonexistent, as we have come to learn.) BIG news! No More substitute images – I am deeply pleased. I finally broke down and bought a new printer/scanner/etc. and it was delivered yesterday afternoon. In line with the new me this past year, I went lower tech, not higher, than my previous printer, although I stayed in the same brand. I simply don’t NEED something designed for a political campaign headquarters – grin. However, the new girl is even more efficient than the old and the scans are creepily crisp and frightfully fantastic – grin. To celebrate this, I’m using the deck that is SO visual that I was using when the problem started and I couldn’t feature it well, *Santa Muerte Tarot* by Fabio Listrani. The deck is wildly visual, and is best served by Good scans. The oracular deck today is C. Marchetti’s *Oracle of Visions.” Onward & Upward! The draw for today is as follows: A) Guide = XVII the Star; B) MaleFog = Queen of Wands; FemFog = King of Pentacles; finally and first, 
my oracular card today is #40 Time (Life.) Right off the top, I need to verbalize that I have a new concern in my life, with my health. It could be nothing, or it could be very bad news, but I won’t know until later in April, when I can get in to see a specialist. Now, as we ALL know, I’m not the type to sit around and “worry” or “work my last nerve to a shred” about something that isn’t even realized; and I don’t plan to do that, believe me. However, I would be naïve and hypocritical if I were to assert that it won’t always be there somewhere in my head for the next month until further developments can arrive and determine a future course. So, before anyone thinks to fire off a “sending good vibes post,” please don’t. It doesn’t deserve the mental space, and perhaps never may. On to the cards – grin. XVI The Star is a GREAT card to start the day, eh? LOL. After my sermon, I won’t commentate on the “synchronicity,” but it is lovely to see it in action. It makes me smile. “The advice of the dead: ‘You are traveling the right path therefore do not give up hope. Continue, once you have completely focused on your objective, to channel your energies towards this, remembering that the more you give the more you will receive in exchange.’” (LWB) “The Star Tarot card is about reconnecting one's soul with the divine -- the transcending of personality, family, community, and reputation. It has to do ultimately with the freedom to be one's self. The soul is responding to celestial influences -- forces that can provide the personality with a stronger sense of purpose. The Star card helps us to remember our exalted origins and our attraction to a higher union. This card could also be called The Celestial Mandate -- that which refers us back to our reason for being, our mission in this lifetime. The Star reminds us that, in a sense, we are agents of divine will in our day-to-day lives. If we let go of the idea that we are supposed to be in control, we can more easily notice and appreciate the synchronicities that are nudging us along. In this way, we become more conscious of the invisible helping hand, and we better understand our place within -- and value to -- the larger cosmos. 
Your time is better spent in reflection and spiritual pursuit. The Star card advises that you rededicate yourself to your higher values, increase your spiritual cultivation and meditation practice, and surrender to the greater good. Connect to your higher self -- a being of a larger realm traveling on an evolutionary course that started long ago and runs indefinitely into the future. This is the part you wish to contact and communicate with. Now is a period for quiet contemplation. Listen for the voice within. Anything that would interfere with this communion may not be serving your best interests right now.” ( Well, that is quite a large bit of VERY applicable chat about where to apply this energy in MY life, at least; thank Isis, I can use the help. Grin. Now we move out and into the Fog – “Aieee! The Fog! The Fog!” GRIN; as you already know, Animus and Anima are no longer clear divisions, that being too limited for their evolution. Thus, they have transmogrified into MaleFog and FemFog, respectively, where there are no boundaries; the “wall” between the two is fluid and always changing and never solid. (I call it “The Bivalve” - GRIN.) They advance here, retreat there, twist and curl and interpenetrate in a thousand ways, but they never lose their “identities.” They are often found in this configuration; a female figure walking in the Male ‘spot’ and a male figure walking in the Female ‘spot,’ not underlining some sort of kitsch drag but rather the total changeability between these twins of one soul. 
“Queen of Wands: The advice of the dead – ‘Concentrate your energies on the fundamental things in order to realize your projects, economizing and cutting off everything superfluous.’” (LWB) “King of Pentacles – The advice of the dead – ‘Help someone who needs it and who asks for support, as you can. Your reward will arrive in another form but it will enrich you all the same.’” (LWB) Finally, there is my oracular card for today, #40 Time/Life. I shall not quote the LWB because I don’t agree with it. You know the riff, “Every day is precious, live, live, live! Nothing ever comes round again, so profit now!” Words like “allotted time.” Bah! I throw the crap of a toad on that! LOL. First of all, we can ALL admit that time is NOT that convenient, immovably fixed yardstick/meter of the Cosmos; we are not even sure it EXISTS. Or it ALL exists at the SAME “time.” On & on & on . . . is it just another dimension, as in “space/time,” or is it far beyond that, a fantasy woven into context BY the Cosmos, not FOR the Cosmos. On top of ALL that, there is that niggardly “slave mentality” approach all OVER this, just like it gave birth to christianity. Promises of physical exaltation in a spiritual Las Vegas in the clouds, “Obey us down here because we are only ticket outlet for the Casino in the Sky.” Time isn’t dictatorial, I believe; we are, because it is our limitations which force us to perceive Time in this fashion. Time doesn’t really exist, and we ALL know this, YOU know this, because when meditating or even just “lost in the depths of my inner browsing,” one sees time as a kind of bendable construct that is no more solid than a Play-doh pipe passed through a Play-doh Fun Factory(© grin). The height of this linear perception of time is embodied in an old Arab saying; “Man fears Time; Time fears the Pyramids.” Its snarky and cute, but it bypasses the point: Time isn’t real. Today I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the ability to see Time as the illusion that it is. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!  

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