Sunday, April 29, 2018

Good morning! I’m feeling much like Ratso Rizzo today, so it’s just the cards. Solly, Chahlie. Only two ticks that draw my attention: 1) The oracular card is Horse, marked as an Earth animal. I believe they should be Water element, as they were always known to have been created by Poseidon from the Ocean itself. There are a lot of other 
mythical and NOT-so-mythical references to that Poseidon-Ocean-Horses construct, and it has never been a question of which element it is. 2) With I and V as the first and second cards, HIGHLY positive, wouldn’t you say that the 7 of Cups is flat-out saying, “Hah, you are full of shit. It’s an illusion; it’s ALL just an illusion.” Have a wonderfully purple day! 

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