Thursday, April 26, 2018

Good Morning & Welcome! to The Fools Tarot for 26/04/2018. I shall not be dazzling you today with Shakespearean high drama nor Edwardian perversion and brutality, as I am not having a good morning this morning, not at all. Today is one of those days when I just want to stay a-bed and watch a good movie or read a book; unfortunately, if I start one or the other, I WILL fall asleep. Grin. Any real movement is prohibited by my BPOC 
(Bronchio-Pneumo Obstruction Chronique), which in real terms is being able, on a good day, to walk to the entry door of the apartment and back. (I don’t see a marathon anytime soon – Grin.) Today’s deck is *The Tarot of Paris* by Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony, a truly beautiful deck highlighting “the City of Alchemy, Magic & Sorcery, Prague.” 
Card #1 = 3 of Wands; “This is a time to be far-sighted and exploratory. The projects you have worked on are about to be launched on the world now and it’s time now to be leader and look outwards. You are bursting with self-assurance and your “mission and vision” are very clear right now. Survey what’s been achieved and be confident about making ambitious plans for the future.” (LWB) Card #2 = Knight of Swords; “Action is a great thing, but first try to think about the effect it will have on other people. Sometimes you can be too impulsive and keen to take risks. Your decisions are rational and often correct, but dashing into things precipitously can have some unpredictable consequences in terms of how others will react. Look before you leap – and try to be a little more compassionate.” (LWB) Card 
#3 = I the Magician; “Often called the card of artists. The Magician is about great creative potential. You can work brilliantly in many areas if you focus and really use your knowledge and your abilities. If you believe in your own creativity you can achieve almost anything and it can be magical.” (LWB) Finally, AND first, is the oracular bottom-of-the-deck card = 3 of Swords; “There is only one way to deal with heartbreak and that’s to accept it and realize that even the lost violent emotional storms blow themselves out. It may sound trite, but it really is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” (I’m sorry, but I DO find that trite and syrupy,) Well, so there we have it, my day today in The House of Mirrors (mirrors, smoke & five real people.) All the rest is illusion. Let’s take a second to honor Lord Set, the Egyptian god of Illusion, among many other so-called “despicable” qualities. REMEMBER, people, don’t shun admittance of your Shadow into your life; if you do, it will come back later and devour your body, mind & soul and leave you howling, desperate and insane, into the night. Cheery, eh? LOL. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!   

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