Wednesday, April 25, 2018

(Good morning. I'm sorry to have left you in the void for a bit, but I've been dealing with the onset of cancer in my liver. It's taken me a while to get the machine (me) MacGyvered into kicking out something for us, and I can't promise it will be quotidian or anything like the previous run. But - that's what I have, so I shall see what I can do for ALL of us. That being said:)

Good morning! No blahblah today; I’m having a morning of « mixed media reception,” if you can grok it – grin. I can’t tell whether I’m hot or cold, the temperature changes every 5 minutes or so; will I or will I not “hurl?” sorry, can’t tell you that until the last second, and etc. etc. etc. Oh, by the way, I just saw an enormous salamander 
climbing up the side of our apartment building searching for a good place to nest – she was at LEAST 2 meters long. So, check on the hallucinations from the meds, right . . . grin. Today’s draw doesn’t confuse me, as well it could, but I DO find it weird; odd dancing turns, at the very least. Wheel of Fortune – grab it before it passes by and your failure blocks the energy flow. 9 of Cups – “the 
moment has come to make a decision before what you have obtained ends up boring you and stagnating.” (LWB) 3 Of Swords – “Use all of your rational abilities of evaluation and analysis as this is the moment to be cautious and prudent in decision-making and in facing new activities.” (LWB) Just on the offhand that there might be an oracular shriek in the darkness, I pulled a bottom-of-the-deck card, the King of Wands. Well, if all the rest continues to lead me down the rabbit-hole, at least the King is present to shout us awake and put a fire in my heart and feet. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

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